SX-4 Cross


Suzuki’s SX4 S Cross is class leading in packaging area as well as low running costs.

With a roomy cabin, this nifty crossover is as much of an all-terrain fanatic as it is a desirable family transporter. Not only does this affordable urban beast deliver driving thrills, the SX4 is impressively engaging behind the wheel. Now equipped with a new generation driving system through its AllGrip 4WD feature for improved driving performance, the driver now has better control on slippery and tough landscapes.

Designed to give you that ultimate sense of security, the SX4 is all for you.

The innovative design and ingenious utility space accommodates all cargo and with room to spare. The flexible design and bold and dynamic appearance exudes a solid stability of an all-terrain master. The SX4 S-Cross is a true all-weather, all-terrain, all-you-need performer.

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Engine: 1.6 VVT Petrol

Transmission: 5MT/CVT

Maximum output: Power kW 86

Torque: 156/4,400

2WD and 4WD options available

Number of doors: 5

Seating capacity: 5

Weights and shipping dimensions:

1085 – 1250 kg

4300 mm x 1765 mm x 1585 mm

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