This Jimny is the first compact off-road vehicle ever manufactured and is one of the most economical 4x4’s in the market. The Jimny’s all-terrain, all-weather, all-challenge toughness is legendary for its rugged performance.

Its compact body lets you manoeuvre on narrow trails and between boulders and trees, yet its spacious cargo area lets you pack for days away. Unbeaten paths that would challenge other vehicles are an absolute breeze in the Jimny.

You’ll climb hills with confidence thanks to its high approach and departure angles and light and sturdy frame. This compact 4x4 is capable of serious off-road performance and its rigid three-section ladder frame keeps the ride stable, absorbing shocks, giving you the assurance you need for climbing rocky trails and arduous surfaces in the developing world.

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Engine: 1.3 Petrol

Transmission: 5MT/4AT

Maximum output: Power kW 62.5

Maximum torque Nm/rpm: 110/4,100

Part-time 4WD option only

Number of doors: 3

Seating capacity: 4

Weights and shipping dimensions:

1060 – 1105 kg

3695 mm x 1600 mm x 1670 mm

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