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Off grid power solutions

Compatible with any generator and renewable energy source, our hybrid power solutions are highly efficient, durable and reliable. Simple to setup and easy to use, the systems primary function is to reduce the cost per kWh through fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs. It is an essential for customers who are environmentally conscious and desire a reduction in carbon foot print and noise pollution. Made from high quality components, fully tested and ready to install, our self-contained hybrid solutions are the best addition to your off grid system.


Kliponious-green-tickOFF GRID POWER SOLUTION
Kliponious-green-tickVERSATILITY: Compatible with any genset or grid
Kliponious-green-tickPLUG AND PLAY
Kliponious-green-tickFULL CONTROL: Featuring three modes of operation for optimised efficiency and control
Kliponious-green-tickDURABLE: Heavy duty, self contained casing built for harsh environments
Kliponious-green-tickULTIMATE PRODUCTIVITY: Reduce generator run time, fuel & maintenance cost

How does it work?

The battery box sits between the prime source of power and distribution board of your electrical system. The batteries are charged by a connection to your diesel generator and a renewable energy source, through a MC4 connection terminal. Energy produced is stored within the batteries until needed. The battery box can also be charged by a main grid connection.

As energy is drawn down, the battery box controls the charging signals managing the state of charge. In the case of high loads or requirement to recharge, the battery box automatically triggers the support of connected generators to provide an efficient and seamless supply of energy. Renewable energy sources continue to charge the batteries throughout.

An intuitive visual control panel displays all performance data and system statuses in a simple user friendly format. Once setup the battery box requires little maintenance, working silently to provide efficient cost effective power.


Do I need a generator and solar panels to work with my battery box?

No – if you have a reliable daily production of energy via solar (or wind) then you need not have a generator connected to the battery box. However a generator will provide backup power if renewable energy is unreliable or if there are large seasonal variances.

Also – if you are using the battery box to help with an unreliable grid then you need not have a generator or solar


How many solar panels can I connect to the battery box?

The solar charge regulator can convert up to 4 kW of power from your solar array – however you can connect more capacity without a problem. More solar panel capacity might be the right thing to do if you suffer regularly from overcast days of have large seasonal variances in light levels. Having an increased solar array will allow you to collect more energy on an overcast day. On a sunny day the solar charge regulator will limit production to 4 kW. Oversized solar arrays are more common the further you get from the equator or when sunshine is not reliable.


Will any generator work with my Battery box?

To use the automatic control of your generator by the battery box your generator must have an ‘autostart’ facility. This allows a remote contact closure to start and run the generator. If your generator does not have this feature it cannot be started automatically – however it will work if started manually. The remote start connection on the battery box can also be used to drive an alarm or buzzer to alert you to start the generator manually. Most new generators have an autostart facility as standard.


How will my Battery box manage my power if connected to the grid?

The International version of the battery box has a hard wired option for a grid supply. The system uses the grid supply as the first choice for supplying power to the loads. If you have a power outage the battery box continues to supply the loads from the battery. If the battery becomes discharged it will signal for your generator to start to run the loads and recharge the battery. If there is no generator the system will safely shut down before the batteries are damaged.

If your system has solar panels connected then these can supply power and recharge the battery (depending on loads) whilst the sun is shining. This will extend the period you can get power from the system without the grid.


Can I install my Battery box outside?

The battery box is weatherproof and designed to live outside. Care should be taken to avoid direct sunshine in hot environments. We offer a ‘Safari roof’ panel to provide shade an air gap – but better still build a frame over the battery box to mount your solar panels onto. The solar panels will provide shade and the cable run from the panels to the battery box will be easy and short.


Can I install my Battery box inside?

All battery box systems use valve regulated lead acid batteries (VRLA). These batteries are sealed under normal conditions – but with a fault can emit hydrogen. If you want to fit the battery box inside you will need to make sure it is in a well ventilated room. Outbuildings and lean tos may be the best choice.


Do I need to service my battery box?

There are no service items in the battery box. The only regular check that you need to carry out is to test the operation of the RCD (safety trip) on the unit. The test button on the RCD should be pressed periodically to ensure it is operating correctly. The batteries in the battery box are service free – but will not last for ever. If you start to notice a reduction in capacity it may mean that the batteries need replacement.

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