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JCB Power Products has developed the world’s first Inteli-Hybrid generator, to meet a range of off-grid power requirements from construction sites, telecoms, agriculture, mining, aid and more. Generators are specified to meet the peak load requirement of an application, yet off-grid sites often face significant changes in load requirement throughout the day, leading to inefficient running of the generator and excessive fuel use.


Kliponious-green-tickFuel saving

Kliponious-green-tickReduced noise pollution

Kliponious-green-tickReduced carbon emissions

Kliponious-green-tickReduced cost of ownership


Changing Landscapes

Well-designed hybrid systems can substantially reduce diesel fuel consumption while increasing system reliability.  Longer service intervals, reduced noise pollution and carbon savings are happy benefits of considering hybrid systems.

The commercial sector has already seen drastic savings in hybrid systems, the UK construction industry has lead the way with implementing hybrid and battery systems and can evidence real life financial and social savings. The drop in the capital cost of renewable components (batteries, solar panels and inverters) make the

latest solutions a much more realistic proposition and offer the added opportunities for us all to meet our environmental obligations.

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You will be able to:

Kliponious-green-tickdynamically or incrementally increase/decrease the generator power output based on the actual infrastructure load

Kliponious-green-tickprovide interface to the existing generator power plants for integrating alternative sources of energy to a single power plant (hybrid solution)

Kliponious-green-tickprocess data coming from tracking devices installed on power generators to have a global overview of your generator fleet and perform remote management of the power plants

Kliponious-green-tickintegrate alternative source of energy

Kliponious-green-tickoptimise annual cost related to generator maintenance and fuelling

Kliponious-green-tickreduce pollution

Kliponious-green-tick‘fleet management’ of asset

Kliponious-green-tickreduce reliance on fossil fuel

Kliponious-green-tickreceive data analysis

Intelligent LiveLink Telematic Connection

JCB’s Livelink telematic system is standard on the hybrid generator, allowing fleet managers access to monitorLiveLink also provides an intelligent link to the generator, allowing fleet managers to access load history set the mix of engine and hybrid battery use to determine how efficiently a machine is being used. It provides information on how long the generator is running at light loads on battery power and fully loaded through the diesel engine and in the future will demonstrate how much energy has been provided by renewables. In addition to the load statistics, LiveLink provides access to phase load information, so the most efficient use of the unit can be determined.

JCB Power Products has also developed the Battery Box, a secondary hybrid power solution that can be used to significantly improve generator efficiency, providing power in low load periods to allow generators to be turned off, conserving fuel and reducing carbon emissions. The JCB Battery Box is compatible with all sizes and makes of generator and with mains supply electricity, allowing it to be efficiently charged on site.

Packaged in a robust steel canopy, the Battery Box delivers up to 10kVA continuous power output with a 20kVA peak and is available in both 50Hz and 60Hz configurations. As it has zero emissions the power pack can be used indoors or in sensitive applications. The maximum depth of discharge can be set between 30-50% to prolong battery health and the batteries have cooling fans to blow air across the cells.

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