Aid & Development

How we support you


Conrico have been involved with helping the aid & development sector for over 50 years and have extensive expertise and knowledge in the field.

Conrico provides project vehicles that respond to aid in humanitarian crises, development projects that alleviate poverty, transport aid and protect the people. We also supply power products that provide prime power for remote projects and vital electricity for urban applications.

In addition, as expected, we provide full after-sales support and parts to help keep your purchase going for longer.


The team at Conrico understands that customer needs will vary, and that it can be difficult to obtain the equipment and levels of service required to complete a job. So, Conrico offers an extensive range of vehicles, and offers also the engineering and logistical support to match machines and markets. It is determined to get a correctly configured product on site, in any location.













AIDEX 2015

At Aidex 2015 we had a great turnout of customers to our stand! The Suzuki Grand Vitara and Jimny were both present, giving everyone the opportunity to view the vehicles up close and experience the quality that goes into making each Suzuki vehicle. Our JCB range was garnering a lot of interest, especially with the introduction of the Hybrid generators which can save you up to a staggering 51% off your total fuel costs. Ever present at the show, Conrico had a great time and as usual enjoyed mingling with old and new faces.

AIDEX 2014

Aidex 2014 was such a buzz, we took along our Suzuki Grand Vitara and Jimny, PMD power generator and our Leoncino. The Jimny was the star of the show with more enquiries than we could have imagined! it was great to be able to showcase these amazing vehicles and our powerful generator, as they really are top products for the Aid & Development industry. As well as this we had our VIP lunch which was attended by our respected customers and gave us a chance to speak one to one with them about our products and services. We hope everyone enjoyed the show and we look forward to working with some new faces in the future!

AIDEX 2013

Aidex 2013 was a great success. We met so many new and old faces at the event and shared knowledge and product updates with our customers. We took our Iveco Leoncino down to the show where a number of people were impressed with this unique Light Trucks size, look and capabilities! We also handed out some goody bags to attendees which were so popular they disappeared in quite a short time. We look forward to attending and exhibiting at Aidex 2014 where we have even bigger plans and surprises to unfold!

DIHAD 2014

Dihad 2014 was the launch of our new PMD Power Generators. Powerful, robust and reliable our PMD generators attracted a lot of interest from customers with over 50 enquiries on the day! This was a great platform for us to connect and network with fellow players in the Aid industry to enable us to find out how we could help others with their project needs. We had a great couple of days and came home with lots of exciting information.

AIDF 2013

The Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) is a free to attend exhibition and conference directed to the humanitarian relief and development sector. It aims to tackle the issues central to day-to-day operations, bringing together procurement professionals and representatives from governments, the UN, NGOs and private organisations.

We attended the 2013 Washington event and it was great to meet everyone who came to see us. We gained alot of insight into the good work people in the industry are doing to help towards the greater good.