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Conrico – Our Story

Conrico was founded in the 1950’s by two Kenyan-based brothers who began importing Land Rovers into Africa. The company moved to the UK in 1985, continuing its good work in the developing world.

In January 2011, Conrico was acquired by InterAmericana Trading Corp. (ITC), a Caribbean-based company, and we are privileged to be part of this inspiring group.

We specialise in vehicles, capital goods, power generators, parts and after-sales service to international organisations within the aid & development sector as well as private and individual customers.

By cutting out the middle-men, our broad range of products and services means we can ensure we offer good value to our customers.

Today, Conrico International is a global export distributor for manufacturers such as Iveco and Suzuki and we develop dealer networks in Africa selling vehicles in niche markets.

We employ some 40 staff at our UK base just outside of London, from where we export products all over the developing world.

An export company

Specialising in the export of vehicles, power generators, parts, machinery and capital goods


Forward Thinking

Always trying to provide the right product with latest innovations

Problem Solvers

Our sales experts extensive knowledge will help ensure the right product is selected for your project

Customer Support

With over 50 years of experience, we have been providing excellent customer support for many years.

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